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General Updates on Spira


You now get 1 bonus weekly XP for being part of a faction.
In order to adjust for those who don't want to join a player-run faction we've added...

NEW FACTION - Adventurer's Guild.

This is an NPC based faction, located in the Enchanted Forest.
You can join this faction by achieving level 10, and engaging in a dialog with the NPC sitting on the desk.

NEW NPC TYPE - Advanced NPCs.

The guild leader for the Adventurer's Guild is the upgraded version of the Beastmaster NPC. They'll remember you, change dialog options based on what you've done or who you're with.
They'll also become a weekly quest giver soon!
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Updated Shifter NPC:

-48 hour timer on switching shifter sub-classes.
-Corrected the hostility bug when switching shifters.

Updated Healer NPC:

-Added all new player-based debuffs.
-Cost of full healing is now 15 shards, and removing debuffs is now 20 shards.

Updated Potion Vendor NPCs:

-Increased the price of potions to 14 shards (11 if you meet certain requirements).

MAJOR: HUD changes:

HUD Quick Button Changes:

-Removed the 1d100 roll from the main HUD menu, replaced it with a placeholder for the professions button.
-Replaced the Roll VS with the Basic Combat Menu (described in the combat update).

MAJOR: Combat Update


-The base code for every skill has been entirely overhauled.
-You can now only target individuals when they are 'in character' for damage and healing skills.
-Skill counters actually work now.
-Skills have been marked to display which counter they'll use.


-Combat skills now have the following markers in front of them:
     w-  Weak attack.
     a-  Average attack.     
     p-  Powerful attack.     
     w+  Weak heal.     
     a+  Average heal.     
     p+  Powerful heal.     
     d-  Debuff.     
     b+  Buff. 
-Skills no longer have individual RP counters, but actual counters that are grouped by the above markers. 
-Each class has their own skill limit, but the average/default for most classes would be as follows:
     w-  8 uses.     
     a-  4 uses.     
     p-  1 uses.     
     w+  6 uses.     
     a+  4 uses.     
     p+  2 uses.     
     d-  2 uses.     
     b+  1 uses. 
-Basic Combat menu has been added to replace the standard Roll VS button (crossed swords on the HUD) 
-The Basic Combat menu will contain the Initiative Roll, Escape Roll, Combat Reset, Roll VS, Checks, and Adv Roll VS menus. 
-Combat Reset will allow you to reset your counters. Please make sure to do this before and/or after every combat encounter.


-Healing counters have been increased. 
-When you use a heal, you'll get a "Heal Sickness" debuff, which will prevent you from resetting your healing counter for 8 hours. (Consider this to be the same as a D&D long-rest) 
-Reset Health option now has a 48 hour timer. This means you'll have to pay the healer NPC, buy potions, or have a friend heal you. (More roleplay opportunities)  
-All of the above changes are to make healers feel more valuable, and be actually sought out in roleplay. 
-A Healer profession will be added that will use alchemical reagents to perform out-of-combat healing in order to make up for the 'Heal Sickness' debuff. Please note: This is a long-term goal and won't be available immediately.

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Updated the Rules under Sim Info to contain the latest version.

Added a Questing tab with information on how to unlock features, important NPCs, and a list of all the active quests.


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