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Unlocking Features

How to unlock features in sim

All features on sim are unlocked in the following ways:

  • NPC interactions - Most features on sim, such as quests, classes, sub-classes, and professions can be unlocked via interacting with NPCs or Object NPCs.

  • Events - Most titles are unlocked via events. Titles contain minor stat bonuses and replace the 'Unknown' portion of your titler. Unique skills can also be unlocked via event participation.

  • Roleplay - Some titles can be unlocked via roleplay actions. If your character starts to build up a certain reputation you might suddenly see your title change. Please take note that some of these might contain negative effects.

  • Leveling up - Some NPCs contain dialog options that are only accessible once you've reached a certain stat threshold. This threshold usually varies between 12 and 16. The biggest hint that you do not meet this threshold would be when the NPC gives you a debuff - although that might not always be the case.

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