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Information on pickpocketing, loot checking, and other sneaky acts.


Thieving actions ARE aggressive actions and can count as a hostile action and combat consent if you're caught.

Currently, the following are sim-endorsed theviery actions:

  • Pickpocketing (HUD Based) - Attempts to steal a small number of shards from someone. (Located in the Trade menu, under Inventory)

  • Inspecting (HUD Based) - Checks how many shards someone has. (Located in the Trade menu, under Inventory)

  • Cloaking (Hud Based) - Causes your character to enter a state of stealth, where your name is not known to others and you can't be identified. Can be broken via a perception check.

  • Thieves Guild Veil (HUD + Faction Based) - Has same effect as cloaking, however, you can only be unveiled either after being defeated in combat or through a scenario that both characters agree upon. 

The above mechanics ONLY work when BOTH characters are In Character. Due to the mechanics being a part of the system, they have their own consent and balancing system.

Cloaking Details:

  • The character's titler changes to grey, with Hidden - Name Unkown on the top row.

  • When cloaking, a message is sent in nearby chat. Those who have read the message and are engaged in roleplay with the character cloaking are able to still know who they are. 

  • Your character is considered suspicious when cloaked, if engaged in RP, others are able to perform a perception check to attempt to unveil you.

  • If you're using the Thieves Guild Veil, then your character can only be unveiled once their health reaches zero.

  • Each individual in the roleplay scene is able to perform one perception check on your character. This is per scene and cannot be performed multiple times as an attempt to take "a second look" at your character.

  • While cloaked, your character cannot be identified in any way. All information listed in the titler, such as scent, etc. is not valid unless openly given within the roleplay scene.

  • If your character reveals themselves openly in a post or states their name, etc then the player is no longer considered cloaked. 

  • Cloaking is not a method of hiding your aura/shift. You can use cloaking while shifted as a stealth mechanic, but if you're only using it to hide your hostility, you should instead de-shift. If you ONLY intend to hide your hostility status and not the rest of your character, then you should de-shift instead.

Pickpocketing Details:

  • A character can be successfully pickpocketed once every 48 hours.

  • Once a character has been pickpocketed, they get the victim debuff, preventing
    them from being a victim of a thievery action for 48 hours. 

  • If the thievery action fails, the HUD will announce it locally and via a prompt
    informing that there was an attempted thievery. It will also inform who the thief was.

  • If the thievery action succeeds, the victim will have a small text prompt that they've
    received a debuff, and a debuff icon on their debuff bar.

  • After every successful pickpocket attempt, a 1-hour debuff is triggered causing the difficulty of the next pickpocket attempt to increase. This can stack up to 3.

  • The amount of shards stolen range from 1-5 shards. This means that, at most, you can lose 20 shards a week. Most people will lose on average 5 shards a week if they're pickpocketed on cooldown.

  • Currently, there are at least 170 shards that can be acquired via weekly quests. You can definitely make a lot more than you can lose, even if you have the worst possible luck.

  • Due to the above, being in character is consent for having your character pickpocketed. 


You MUST perform a roleplay post before using the pickpocket skill.

You MUST be close to the character you're attempting to pickpocket.
You MUST verify that the target you're pickpocketting is in character.


After the post, you may use the pickpocket skill. The pickpocket skill has a built-in stealth check, so external stealth checks related to the pickpocket skill are not necessary.


If the skill succeeds - Your character has managed to steal a small amount of shards without anyone noticing it. No additional stealth roles are necessary unless both parties agree upon it.


If the skill fails - Your character's intent and name is announced, and you gain no shards. At this point, you have performed a hostile action against another player, and this can be seen as consent for combat. If the thief successfully stole shards from other members of a group before being caught, they can be forced to return those shards via combat. They can also choose to return them without combat. If the victim wishes to NOT roleplay noticing the theft, they can assume that their character simply lost shards while walking, or something along those lines.


Please note: You are posting into a scene when you attempt a theft. Please verify that the person you are pickpocketting is in character and available prior to stealing. You can do so by sending them a DM or making sure they're actively in a scene. Even if the theft is successful, your character should respect the other player's post order and respond accordingly. This means no posting, stealing, and leaving without at least a follow-up and exit post. If they chose to ignore you or don't notice you in character, then you may leave after the pickpocket attempt with an exit post.


There will be other thieving actions added within the HUD and sim over time. All thieving actions require a class that has a thieving skill of at least one. 


Verify that the player is IC by either:


Sending them a DM.

Waiting to see if they're currently in a scene and actively posting.

Post into the Scene.

At this point, you may attempt to pickpocket as well.

Allow the other player time to react.

This means waiting for a full post cycle from all of those involved in the scene.

If your character is not acknowledged you may post out, otherwise you should react to one more post cycle.


Note: If you've failed, your character has performed a hostile action publically and should RP accordingly.

Pickpocketting Flowchart

If successful, and your character was acknowledged in an RP post, you can now post out, after responding to the other player's reaction post and waiting a full post cycle.

You're done!

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