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Basic Info

Basic information on the Spira HUD

Main Menu

From the HUD's main menu, you'll be able to perform the following:

Main Menu.png

For more information on items marked with a *, such as checks, social, etc., check out our Other Features.

  • Access the Tutorial - Which contains a quick Guide that will explain to you a short summary of the rules and how to get around. Notecards containing detailed sim and RP info. A teleport to the Tutorial zone, and direct links to the Discord, Group, and Website.

  • Change your status from In Character to Out of Character.

  • Perform Checks.*

  • Perform Adv. Rolls such as attacking with your non-primary attribute and several 1d100 + attribute of your choice.*

  • Access the titler menu.

  • Adjust the text that shows up under your titler.

  • Access the social menu, with links to the sim's group, discord, website, and direct teleports to the landmark, as well as RP games.*

  • Access the character menu, to create, delete, change, level up, or view/share the stats of your characters

  • Access the website with your full character sheet.

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