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Information on how teleportation works within Spira.

Instead of locking teleportation entirely, Spira has it's own teleportation system that was created to provide a balanced and fair experience, while limiting the risks of metagaming, and cheating. Currently, your character has the option to use the cart fast-travel system, or the personal teleportation device to move quickly around sim.

The cart fast-travel system is available in the landing, and in the four major settlements on sim (Vanwe, Al'Naeim, Foghar, and The Drunken Alfiq).

  • Can be used once every 48 hours for free.

  • Costs 15 shards for every other use.

  • Cannot be used while in combat (It can be used after a successful escape roll however).


The teleport system can be aquired by paying the gnome at the Merchant's Guild 50 shards for a SMART Device.

  • In order to recieve the option to buy it, you'll have to purchase a one-time membership from the Merchant's Guild.

  • Once you have the device, you can use it to attune to landmarks across the sim, unlocking that area as a potential fast travel location.

  • Can be accessed within the Inventory Menu.

  • Costs 10 shards for individual use, and 100 shards to create a 2 minute, 2 way portal to one of the landmarks.

  • Cannot be used while in combat (It can be used after a successful escape roll however).

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