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Skill Tracking

Information on how to keep track of your skills.

Resource Manegment

Information on skill limits during combat.

Skills in Spira can use a variety of resources in order to be used. Focus Points, Health Points, and Summon Points are just a few examples of required resources to activate a skill.

You can select your skill menu and click on any skill to get a summary of what resource it might use.

Fireball Skill.png

Common Resources:

  • Focus:

    • Referred to as Focus Points or FP.

    • It can be increased by leveling Focus. 

  • Health:​

    • Referred to as Health Points or HP.​

    • It can be increased by leveling Constitution.

  • Summon Power:​

    • Referred to as Summon Points or SP.​

    • It can be increased by using your classes' summon skill (ex.: Necromancer's Raise Dead).

Please see the image above for a sample skill summary.

Note: Some skills might require active buffs, debuffs, or previous skills to have been used.

The skill dialog box will specify if any pre-requisite skills or buffs are needed to trigger a skill.

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