Spira RP Rules

These should ALWAYS be followed while on sim.

  1. Be excellent to each other. Treat each other with respect and be patient with those who might be new to the immersion that happens in an RP sim.

  2. No Godmodding - You are NOT allowed to dictate how another player may respond to your actions (unless prior consent is given). You can make suggestions in your posts, or use the advanced checks enabled in the RP HUD, but you cannot specify how someone will react or be affected by your actions unless it's agreed upon by both players.

    1. Examples: "The attack successfully lands on the dragon's tail, severing the limb." This is an example of a godmodding. Instead of writing in that form, you would use something like: "The attack successfully lands on the dragon's tail, potentially severing the limb." This example gives the other player the option of accepting or rejecting your suggestion.

  3. No Powergaming - Unless agreed upon by all of those participating in the roleplay, you are NOT an almighty God capable of destroying everyone and immune to every possible attack. The RP HUD determines your character's strength and success rate based on rolls and attributes. If you decide to RP without the HUD, both parties must agree to not use the HUD.

  4. No Metagaming - Unless you are in character, and you heard of an event or action IN CHARACTER, you do not know it happened. If you want to notice or hear something for future reference, make sure to roleplay that you heard it.

    1. Don't: Use information you've learned by camming around the sim, talking in Discord, reading in nearby chat to roleplay with.

    2. Do: Use information you've acquired by roleplaying or information you've announced in character learning. (Example: Two people are roleplaying in a tavern, they say something interesting, you reply: "Bird McMan carefully listens to the conversation the two nearby elves are having."

  5. Consent is key! Always make sure to have out of character consent for any questionable actions! If someone is refusing a certain scenario, especially when it involves character death, mutilation, sex, or capture, please respect that. While in character actions should have in-character consequences, limits should be respected. In relation to capture roleplay:

    1. Basic Captures: If a character agrees to be captured, they MUST be role-played with. If a character is left alone for longer than 30 minutes they may escape. Tier 1 to 3 bounties auto-consent to basic captures.

    2. Advanced Captures: If desired, one may choose advanced capture rules, where they are captured for a maximum of 24 hours and are required to use the in-sim lockpick tools to escape. They are allowed their first attempt when left alone, and every 3 hours after that. This is 100% optional for non-Menaces/Tier 4 bounties. Tier 4 bounties and Menaces auto-consent to advanced captures.

    3. White Knighting: While the act of white knighting is allowed (being a 'savior' or hero, wandering the sim looking for someone to protect or defend), please reach out to the party OOC before getting involved in the roleplay. Please remember that not everyone wants to be saved. Please verify the type of capture someone is involved in before rescuing them, for Basic Captures please wait until they're left alone for at least 30 minutes, for advanced or other captures, please request OOC consent always. Camming to find potential rescue targets is not allowed.​

  6. Please keep your character within the server theme. Weapons can go up to the 16th/17th century, so the most advanced non-magical weapons would be a flintlock pistol or rifle. Clothing should also suit the time period. While we are more lenient than most roleplay sims in terms of character avatars, please avoid using anything that is extremely cartoon-like, or anything that looks like a child. Avatars with extreme features will only be accepted pending staff review. You are welcome to contact a Spira ⬗ Owner or a Spira ⬗ Officer for advice on your avatar.

  7. Make sure to differentiate between your RP actions and words. You can use /2 to type as your character. Make sure to use quotation marks (" ") around things your character is saying.

    1. While most roleplays are public, please be mindful that people are allowed to have private roleplays. These should ideally be done in more secluded locations. Roleplays occurring in rentals are generally private unless given permission by the renter. Players with a bounty or a menace title (purple titlers) are an exception to this rule – however, players are required to have IC knowledge that said character resides in that building with logs to back it up if they wish to force their way inside. If you'd like to stay in your residential as a menace/bounty without engaging in RP, please set your titler to Out of Character.

    2. ​If you see an RP happening, you are not IC unless you post your character in. While it’s not required, it is considered good form to ask for OOC consent before posting in. If you’re eavesdropping you must announce that you’re listening in, stealth rolls may be requested. If roleplay happens in a building and a character is outside, they cannot eavesdrop or listen through walls unless consent is given. It's also considered poor form to listen into an RP OOCly without consent from those RPing. Please request for consent if you're interested in reading someone else's ongoing RP.

  8. Please refrain from writing large paragraphs of thoughts in posts and expecting players to respond, especially negative thoughts towards other players' characters. If your character has something to say then say it to the other character, don't think it as most characters cannot read the minds of other characters.

  9. Everyone should know the difference between OOC and IC, and the basics of how to roleplay. What happens to your character is part of the story you weave. If you don't like what is happening to your character please let the other players or player know so you don't feel uncomfortable with the experience. If you have issues with fellow players and need someone to mediate, please reach out to an Admin or Moderator and use the report form if needed. Please remember: there will always be IC consequences for IC actions.

    1. Poor out of character conduct - If there is an issue with another player, please reach out to staff and report it. If the issue escalates or persists you are welcome to reach out to staff again to verify the status of the report. Openly discussing OOC player issues in voice chats, within the sim group, or in other public locations only further breeds more toxicity and drama. If you have an issue with another player or group, please report it. If you do not want to report it, then do not bring it up publicly. This does not relate to in character actions.​

  10. Multiboxing Limits - While you are allowed to have 5 characters per SL account, you're also allowed to have up to 2 SL accounts active at the same time and in character on sim. It's not an issue if you have more than 2 SL accounts with active characters, however, you should not use more than 2 active characters at a time, and you cannot bring in additional characters as "backups" for roleplay or combat scenarios. You may only use your secondary account in combat if it's to balance the total number of combatants. You may NOT use your secondary account to gain an advantage over the total number of combatants, even when defending your faction base.

  11. Have fun!