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Major Patch Part 1

This is the first part of a series of Quality-of-Life enhancements. The website will be updated over the weekend to contain all of this information in greater detail. Here is the summary of what was done:

Coin Hunt Quest Updates:

  • Coins have been changed to a custom mesh, with more intense effects and a slightly larger size – making them easier to find.

  • Coins will now move every Thursday only (once a week).

  • No longer be visible via area search (you dirty cheaters)


  • All weekly quests will now reset 8 days after your character picks them up. This means that if you finish it in 2 days, you’ll have to wait 6 days. Finish it in 8 days, you’ll be able to pick it up within the hour. Finish it in 10 days, also within the hour. Etc.

  • Attribute Reset will now cap at 500 Shards.

  • Bounties can now be attacked at a 1:3 Ratio, and are only able to use escape once per encounter.


  • The Cloak skill is now available under the Basic Combat Menu (Crossed Swords on the HUD). This will allow your character to enter a stealth mode, turning your titler grey. While in stealth, your hostility will be hidden, as well as your characters IC identity. Other players will be able to attempt a perception check on you in order to decloak you.

New Checks:

  • Perception Check – Will allow you to attempt to perceive something about a character, or remove their cloak. You can only attempt to decloak someone once every six hours. Note that your character MUST be engaged in active RP in order to attempt to decloak someone. This means at least one opening post, followed by the other player’s post, then your check post. The other player is able to attempt an escape roll after the opening post.

  • Spell Check – The Enchant and Spell check have been combined, as they both can be RP’d in similar fashion. Instead of being a 1d100 + Intelligence or Wisdom, it is now a 1d80 + Intelligence + Wisdom.

  • Initiative Check – The Initiative Check will now automatically reset your counts before combat. Please note you’ll still have to use the combat reset to manually restore them if you don’t roll the initiative check.

Faction Organization:

  • Faction Leaders are now able to delegate some faction permissions to other members, such as invite to faction, collect and assign bounties. They are also able to delegate faction-specific skills.

Faction Specific Skills:

  • Silent Path – Mind Wipe: Ability to remove knowledge of their faction from individuals. Can only be done once per roleplay session. If it fails, the individual is able to ‘pretend’ to have forgotten things in order to escape with the knowledge they’ve acquired. This ability is only available to members with Rank 1 and Rank 2 permissions within the faction.

  • Thieves Guild – Thief’s Veil: An upgraded version of the new Cloak skill that can only be unmasked when their health is zero. This ability is only available to members with Rank 1 and Rank 2 permissions within the faction.

Menace System:

  • If your character has already had a bounty once, they are susceptible to being part of the menace system pending Faction Leader and Staff discussion.

  • Once your character is flagged as a menace, they’ll be in a permanent bounty state and unable to cloak.

  • This is the equivalent of being considered a notorious villain on the sim.

  • In order to be removed as a menace, your character must experience some type of redemption.

Menu Interface Updates:

  • Basic Combat Menu Updated. It now includes the following: Basic Attack, Initiative, Escape, Adv. Rolls, Count Reset, View Counts, Check Bounty, Hide Bounty, Cloak, 1d100, Checks, Cancel.

  • Trade Menu Updated. It now includes the following: Inventory, Map, Games, Quest Timers, View Shards, Show Shards, Give Shards, Inspect, Pickpocket, Cancel.

  • The Currency Menu was removed and merged into the Inventory Menu, and the Bounty Skills were moved to the Basic Combat Menu.


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