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Combat Rules, Shifter Patches, and Bounties!

Combat Rules

Combat rules have been updated across the HUD, all Notecards, Website, and Discord - make sure to give it a read as it opens a lot more roleplay opportunities! 

Shifter Patches

Angelus, Leshy, and Puca shifters are no longer considered neutral when shifted, and instead are considered passive. Passive shifters may not initiate combat, but may defend themselves.

 They may also initiate combat while not shifted, and shift mid-combat. However, this action takes one combat turn. 


Bounties have been added!

In order to place a bounty, you'll have to reach out to the faction leader responsible for that zone. They are as follows:

Sapphire Isle - Townsguard
Bleakcoast Caverns - Silent Path
Star-crossed Oasis - House of the Blue Rose
Enchanted Forest (Forest Side) - Titania's Children
Enchanted Forest (Snow Side) - Pan's Blessed

In order to place a bounty on someone, you'll need at least 400 shards, as there is a 200 shard bounty minimum, and a 200 static bounty fee.
    - A legitimate in-character reason is required to place a bounty on someone.
    - Bounties can not be placed on factions that share the same zone as the faction leader accepting the bounty (Ex: Silent Path cannot accept a bounty placed on the Thieves Guild or Blood Mark).
    - Faction leaders should remain neutral when accepting bounties.
    - Bounties can be rejected if they don't make much sense. This can be appealed by reaching out to a staff member directly.
    - Bounties require a PvP consent reason to be placed, this means that your character has engaged in actions that would consent to PvP in order to get the bounty.
    - Bounties can be placed without PvP consent if OOC consent is acquired by the target beforehand. 

Every 1,000 shards worth of bounty, or every bounty placed on someone counts as a wanted tier. 

Identifying a bounty - All characters have the skill Check Bounty under their inventory menu. This will allow them to check a character to see if they have a bounty. (Note: It's required to have an IC reason, either someone informed you that someone has a bounty that you know, or the appearance has been described. Don't randomly check everyone you see.)

Wanted Tiers 1-3 - When you've been identified by another character, your titler will become purple for two hours. You can only be identified in the regions you have had a bounty assigned to you.

Wanted Tiers 4+ - When you've been identified by another character, your titler will become purple for seven days. You can be identified in any zone. Once someone has a wanted tier of 4 or more, they are wanted across all of Spira.

Since PvP consent actions are required to have been committed in order to place a bounty on someone, being flagged as a bounty means that you have the option to surrender, flee (with a check), or engage in combat when confronted. 

Hiding - All characters have the skill Hide Bounty under their inventory menu. Once the debuff for being identified has expired, you'll be able to use this skill to remove the purple titler.

In order to collect a bounty, you must present the character that has the bounty to a faction leader within the zone you've identified and captured them. 

The person who brings in the bounty will receive the full payment, and will then be tasked with distributing it to whomever helped on their own.
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