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Updated Shifter NPC:

-48 hour timer on switching shifter sub-classes.
-Corrected the hostility bug when switching shifters.

Updated Healer NPC:

-Added all new player-based debuffs.
-Cost of full healing is now 15 shards, and removing debuffs is now 20 shards.

Updated Potion Vendor NPCs:

-Increased the price of potions to 14 shards (11 if you meet certain requirements).

MAJOR: HUD changes:

HUD Quick Button Changes:

-Removed the 1d100 roll from the main HUD menu, replaced it with a placeholder for the professions button.
-Replaced the Roll VS with the Basic Combat Menu (described in the combat update).

MAJOR: Combat Update


-The base code for every skill has been entirely overhauled.
-You can now only target individuals when they are 'in character' for damage and healing skills.
-Skill counters actually work now.
-Skills have been marked to display which counter they'll use.


-Combat skills now have the following markers in front of them:
     w-  Weak attack.
     a-  Average attack.     
     p-  Powerful attack.     
     w+  Weak heal.     
     a+  Average heal.     
     p+  Powerful heal.     
     d-  Debuff.     
     b+  Buff. 
-Skills no longer have individual RP counters, but actual counters that are grouped by the above markers. 
-Each class has their own skill limit, but the average/default for most classes would be as follows:
     w-  8 uses.     
     a-  4 uses.     
     p-  1 uses.     
     w+  6 uses.     
     a+  4 uses.     
     p+  2 uses.     
     d-  2 uses.     
     b+  1 uses. 
-Basic Combat menu has been added to replace the standard Roll VS button (crossed swords on the HUD) 
-The Basic Combat menu will contain the Initiative Roll, Escape Roll, Combat Reset, Roll VS, Checks, and Adv Roll VS menus. 
-Combat Reset will allow you to reset your counters. Please make sure to do this before and/or after every combat encounter.


-Healing counters have been increased. 
-When you use a heal, you'll get a "Heal Sickness" debuff, which will prevent you from resetting your healing counter for 8 hours. (Consider this to be the same as a D&D long-rest) 
-Reset Health option now has a 48 hour timer. This means you'll have to pay the healer NPC, buy potions, or have a friend heal you. (More roleplay opportunities)  
-All of the above changes are to make healers feel more valuable, and be actually sought out in roleplay. 
-A Healer profession will be added that will use alchemical reagents to perform out-of-combat healing in order to make up for the 'Heal Sickness' debuff. Please note: This is a long-term goal and won't be available immediately.

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