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Locks & Lockpicking

Information on faction locks, personal locks, lockpicking and more.

Spira contains a Lock and Lockpicking system that is split into two categories: Personal Locks and Faction Locks.

They both function under the rule that any door that contains a lock outside of it can NOT be entered by anyone unless they are invited by the owner, or have broken into it. Breaking in works as follows:

  • In order to break into a locked door, you'll have to click on the lock, and roll against said lock.

  • If you pass the role, you'll receive a notice that you've been allowed inside, and the door will usually unlock physically. The following can also happen if you pass the role:

    • The door will open, but if there are people on the other side of the door they can notice your character.​

    • Since breaking into a building is considered a hostile action, you can be openly attacked while inside of a residence you've broken into if there are people already there.

    • If people arrive after your character has broken into a residence, they would have to beat you in a stealth roll to react to your character.

    • The door will be on a timer. If the door closes before you finish your RP, you will have to break out of the residence as well. If the door fails, your character might find himself stuck inside of a faction base or residence. At this point, it's recommended to DM a faction member or the residence owner to approach you. If no one is available, you may leave the faction or residence as if the door wasn't closed.

  • If you fail the roll, you'll receive a debuff that will prevent you from opening most locks for at least three hours.

    • If someone notices you, they can engage in combat as breaking in is a hostile action.​

    • A message is sent out in nearby chat. Those who read the messages would have heard you breaking in in character and might approach you in an attempt to see what's happening. 

    • If you're trapped within a faction base due to a failed lockpick attempt, you can reach out to a faction member OOCly to have them come and "find you". Please note that being found within a faction base is a hostile action.

Personal Lock.png

Faction locks are colored blue, and tend to signalize the entrance of a faction base. Breaking into these could have dire consequences, so please be careful.

Personal locks are colored in a reddish yellow and can be purchased by the Merchant's Guild NPC. Once purchased IC you'll have to reach out to a sim moderator or owner to schedule the installation. Consider this the time it would take for the faction to make their way to your home and upgrade your locks.

ANY location with a lock is consenting to being broken into. If you acquire a lock you are consenting to others breaking into your residence and roleplaying inside of it without having to ask for your consent. 

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