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Spira Sim Covenant & Rental Regulations

These are the detailed rules on Sim, as well as Rental Regulations


This page addresses basic things like rental rights, object placement, etc.

=| Spira Medieval Fantasy Rentals |=

  1. Please be considerate of the theme of the building you're renting.

  2. All rentals in the medieval / fantasy area MUST be decorated according to the sim's theme.

  3. Special buildings such as the Farm House or the Fisher's Hut should keep a theme to the area as well. 

  4. You are allowed to place objects outside of your property, as long as they are nearby (such as signs, general clutter, etc.)

  5. You are allowed to convert your residence to an RP shop (not selling actual items, but role playing as a blacksmith, etc.)

    For any further questions, please contact Mr. Wuff (mrwuff)

=||= The Spira Network Covenant =||=

Welcome to Spira! We hope to provide you with a fun and enjoyable roleplay and social experience in Second Life. There are a set of rules you must agree to prior to renting in this sim. These rules are called "The Covenant". They exist in order to ensure that everyone can have a fun experience, free of griefing and excessive lag, as well as maintain the theme across all sims.


1. Find a property you would like to rent, click on the casperlet box to initiate the transaction.

2. Make sure to read the INFO on that property prior to renting it, as there may be additional limitations to each property such as thematic items, etc. 


3. Pay however much you would like to pay once you've read the INFO.
4. The person who rents the residence is responsible for their building - any guests staying with that resident fall under their responsibility as well.
5. Once the rental time has expired, the reclamation process will begin. If the rental has not been paid for prior to the time expiring, it may be made available for rent at any time.
6. Any discounts given to a renter may be revoked at the end of any rental cycle, during the reclamation period, and prices restored to standard market prices.
*Rental fees are subject to change at the sole discretion of The Spira Network administration staff.

Section B. RENTAL DUES  

1. Rent is due at the time of purchasing the rental.

2. Rental renewals and extensions can be done at any time, simply pay more lindens to a properly via the Casperlet system.



Your rental will be reclaimed, objects returned and the rental will be made available at The Spira Network's convenience.    



1. You are allowed to place objects within your land impact limit.

2. Should you exceed your land impact by a small margin, you will receive a warning by the staff. Land impact may be increased if desired, rental price will be subject to change based on the amount.

3. Should you exceed your land impact by a large margin, your objects will be immediately returned by the staff.

4. Certain rentals have a theme associated with the building, especially in roleplay sections of the sim. Any objects placed must follow the over-all theme of the sim and rental building.

5. Future warnings may result in rental increases, or expulsion from the rental. Your rental will be reclaimed, and no refunds will be provided.



For assistance please contact a Spira ⬗ Owner or a Spira ⬗ Officer.


1. Please avoid using high scripting objects (Above .5 ms). If the object or avatar passes the .5 ms limit, you will be contacted and requested to adjust your script. If the count is too high you will be ejected from the sim with a warning.
2. No spying scripts at all! Scripts that spy on other residents, record, or transmit chat are not allowed on sim at all.     


Section G. CONDUCT 

1. You'll be warned/banned at staff discretion if you are caught doing any of the following:

--While OOC (Out of Character)--

   -No sexual harassment.
  -No stalking or general harassment.
  -No adding objects and clutter to another resident's rental maliciously.
  -No violating another resident's privacy/entering without permission.
  -No child avatar.

--While IC (In Character)--

Consent needed out of character for the following:
  -Roleplay sexual harassment.
  -Roleplay stalking and general harassment.
  -Leaving objects and clutter to another's residents for roleplay purposes.
  -Violating another's privacy via roleplay/entering without consent.

The following actions are not allowed even in roleplay:
  -No child avatar.

2. While it is not required, it is recommended that each character exchange a proof of consent notecard with each other.


1. We are not liable for any violations of SL policies that occur on the rental.

2. We cannot guarantee sim performance, since they are maintained by Linden Lab, but we will do our best to ensure a great experience.

3. We enforce Terms of Service from Linden Labs as well as all legal rules. NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED for violation of the Terms of Service from Linden Labs.

We hope you enjoy your time roleplaying or just hanging out in Spira!

Thank you so much for choosing to spend your time with us!

- Mr. Wuff

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