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Combat Guide

How to use the HUD for combat!

Please read the Combat Rules!

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Basic Combat Menu

Accessible from the top right quick button on the HUD

Basic Combat Menu Icon

Basic Combat HUD.png
  • Initiative - Opens the initiative menu.

  • Inspect - Attempts to inspect another character, also used to break someone's stealth if successful.  

  • Pickpocket - Used to steal a small number of shards from another player. Only available to Vandal. Please review Spira's rules on Pickpocketing here before using it.

  • Checks - Opens the roleplay and combat checks menu.

  • Scrolls - Opens your scroll inventory menu.

  • Escape - Attempts to escape combat.

  • Skills - Opens your class-specific skill menu.

  • Inventory - Opens your inventory menu.

  • Disarm - Used to disable an opponent in combat, very low success rate.

  • Basic Attack - A very weak attack based on the main attribute for your class. Uses no FP.

  • Change Basic - Changes what attribute your basic attack uses to calculate damage (strength, wisdom, faith, etc.).

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