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About Spira

Shared experiences in Spira!

Spira is a mature-fantasy themed region intended to be a fun DnD like experience that is player-driven.

Careful detail was placed into the planning of the entire roleplay experience to ensure a unique, balanced, and fair experience - while still allowing the freedom to roleplay as you'd like.

We've placed the focus on the following to ensure the best possible experience:

  • Combat Balance: All classes have been created with their skills, damage, and attributes taken into consideration. While there is some variation in their powers, and veteran players do have more attributes than beginners, attributes are capped at 30 to prevent overpowered characters - and the dice rolls always play a valuable part in any player interaction.

  • Landscape & Construction: Spira contains a variety of uniquely themed areas, from a simple island outpost with flying islands to an enchanted forest. All of the areas are connected in a logical way, creating the feeling of a vast and explorable region.

  • Adult Content: Adult content has been made available throughout the sim. A few examples include your usual adult furniture, seduction and overpowering checks built into the RP HUD, etc. Note: Consent is still required OOC for all adult actions.

  • RP HUD: While players can roleplay as they wish in the sim, they are encouraged to use the roleplay HUD made available throughout the sim. It uses a fair and balanced system to determine combat and roleplay action success. All events held or endorsed by the Spira staff are meant to be done via the HUD.

  • Fairness: The planning behind the HUD creation was to ensure that a fair environment would be able to prosper within the sim.

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